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"What is Neurofeedback?" Brochure 50-pack (Canada and Mexico)

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ISNR is proud to present our popular brochure ”What is Neurofeedback?” Developed with the potential client in mind, this brochure presents basic information that people who are unfamiliar with neurofeedback may be seeking. Presented in plain English (or Spanish), yet with scientific accuracy, this brochure will answer the questions clients and their loved ones may have, but be reluctant to ask. Topics include: ● What is neurofeedback? ● Which conditions are effectively treated with neurofeedback? ● How is neurofeedback training conducted? ● Are there side effects? ● How long will training take? ● Where/how can I find training? Emphasis has been placed on accurate and thoughtful wording, as well as ensuring that research findings are presented along with resources for further reading. This valuable tool will help you to educate your clients and their loved ones, promote the neurofeedback services that you provide and put a tangible reminder of your practice in the hands of your clients. The brochures are available in English or Spanish, are printed in color (with space reserved for your contact information) and are available in quantities of 50, 100, or 250. For higher quantities, please purchase additional bundles. PRICE LISTED INCLUDES SHIPPING.

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